Ron Cutsinger for Sarasota County Commission

Ron Cutsinger and his wife Alison have lived in South Sarasota County for nearly five decades. They raised their family here, built their business here, and entertain their five grandchildren
here. They know what makes Sarasota, and especially South County, so special, and are determined to preserve it so their grandkids can chase the American dream with more opportunity than they had.

Like many in South Sarasota County, Ron Cutsinger is a Floridian not by birth, but by deliberate choice. Ron and Alison moved to Venice in 1973 and established roots in Englewood shortly thereafter.

Ron is a steadfast supporter of President Trump and is committed to the conservative cause. We can rest easy knowing that Ron will be tireless in his fight for lower taxes and less regulation. He will stand up for the rights of the unborn and defend all of our rights enshrined in the Constitution – especially those in the Second Amendment.

Ron honors our veterans and respects the first responders who run towards situations that everyone else runs away from. He will equip law enforcement with the resources needed to keep our community safe and will demand that they uphold the rule of law, starting with enforcing our immigration laws and securing our borders.

From working in a cabinet shop, to owning and running “Ron’s Restaurant,” to providing financial guidance as the owner and operator of Waypoint Wealth Management, Ron Cutsinger has an extensive experience in business. He will put his business background to use as a steward of taxpayer dollars, always keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line.

In addition to his vast business experience, Ron has given selflessly of his time, treasure and talent. For 25 years, Ron has served as an elder of his church. He is the founder and former Chairman of the Board of the Suncoast Christian School which later became Venice Christian School. He has also served on the Sarasota County Library Advisory Board, the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, the Legacy Trail Expansion campaign, and most recently, as Chairman of the Sarasota County Planning Commission.

Paid by Ron Cutsinger, Republican, for Sarasota County Commission, District 5.